tandem axle road pontoon trailer
For 18'-21' Pontoons - PMI-220DISCX1 or DISCx2
15' bunks, 22' Overall length, 4 cross braces, capacity 5000 lbs. Trailer weighs 1140 lbs.
are weights important
For 22'-23' Pontoon boats - PMI-222DISCX1 or DISCx2

17' Bunks, 28'6" Overall length, 5 cross braces, capacity 5000 lbs. Trailer weighs 1200 lbs.

 For 24'-25' Pontoon boats - PMI-244DISCX1 or DISCx2
19' Bunks, 30' Overall length, 5 cross braces, capacity 5000 lbs. Trailer weighs 1260 lbs.

For 26'-27' Pontoon boats - *PMI-26TDISCx2
20' bunks 32' Overall length, 4" frame, 5 cross braces, capacity 5000 lbs. Trailer weighs 1320 lbs.
*26' Brake trailers are only sold with tandem axle disc brakes.
Our 4”, 3/16” frame is the strongest frame in the industry. But, if you’re traveling and want something even better, we have the Super Duty. The Super Duty has a 5”, 3/16” steel frame and 14” radial tires standard. The cost difference (tandem axle brakes) is about $250. If you have a $60,000+ new pontoon that weighs 4000+ lbs. the Super Duty should be considered.
SUPER DUTY For 24'-25' Pontoon boats - PMI-SD224DISCx2
19' bunks 30' Overall length, 5" frame, 5 cross braces, capacity 6000 lbs. Trailer weighs 1400 lbs.

SUPER DUTY For 25'-27' Pontoon boats - PMI-SD226DISCx2
20' bunks 32' Overall length, 5" frame, 5 cross braces, capacity 6000 lbs. Trailer weighs 1420 lbs.
Unique Features of our Brake Trailers
features of the tandem axle road pontoon trailer
If you’re spending money for a brake trailer, you probably have a nice pontoon. We want to not only meet but to exceed your expectations in a trailer. We only sell modern disc brakes with the highest stopping capacity. Very little service needed, no springs to rust. We use the modern concealer brake actuator usually only seen on expensive custom trailers. 2” x 6” bunks provide more surface area to carry larger diameter pontoons than 2” x 4” bunks. We use 3/16” steel as opposed to 11 or 12 gauge. Our brake trailers generally weigh as much as 200 lbs. more than competitive brands. There’s that much more steel in them. We pay extra for the Rock Guard Powder Coat finish. You probably have a beautiful boat and we don’t want the trailer rusting in a couple years.  
PMI pontoon frame features 
3/16” steel, 3” x 4” tongue is attached to 2” x 4” cross braces. The tongue is welded all the way around top, sides, and bottom. Competitive brands often skip the bottom weld because it requires getting beneath the frame in the manufacturing process. BUT without the bottom weld the tongue can flex. Some companies use a 2” x 4” tongue but weld it to a smaller cross brace. Again, the bottom of the tongue is not welded. The tongue extends 16’ into the frame on our 24’ or larger models. The strong tongue and reinforced frame eliminates bucking or vibration. 
PMI pontoon trailer stern   
Our brake models have a reinforced stern. These braces eliminate
bounce and stress caused by the weight of modern large engines.   
 Boat with big engines. NO PROBLEM.
    The weight is carried on cross braces.  
Single or Tandem Axle Brakes?

Our single axle disc brakes are rated at 3500 lbs. Our tandem axle disc brakes are rated at 7000 lbs. Most of our tandem axle trailers with brakes weigh about 1200 lbs.

If your boat and motor weigh 3000 lbs. single axle brakes might work. If your boat & motor weigh 4000 lb. you’ll want tandem axle brakes.

State laws also apply to trailer brakes. Check with your local dealer.

In comparing brake trailers you should know the size and capacity of the brakes. Some companies use 7” drum brakes that only stop 2000 lbs.

It's our belief that if you spend money for brakes, you really want to stop.
tandem axle brake options
Standard Features of Tandem Axle Brake Models
steel frame

3/16" x 4" box tube steel frame.
Trailers over 24' have the tongue 15' into the frame.
This frame is the strongest in the industry.
pontoon trailer bunks
    Bunks are supported on the main frame.
5" brackets allow you to tow lower and launch in shallower water.
tandem axle brake features
Custom-look steel fenders offer real protection for your boat and give the appearance of a custom trailer. LED lights eliminate light and wiring problems. They won’t “pop” when submerged in water. The best 13” D range radial tires rated at 1610 lbs. capacity on galvanized rims. Galvanized rims won’t rust around the lug holes. A 3200 lb. winch won’t fail when loading a 3500 lb. boat. The anti-bucking loop holds your boat to the trailer and pulls the front down. A swing-away dual wheel tongue jack will support the heaviest boats.

Our 4” box tube steel with 3/16” steel side frames and cross members with Rock Guard finish, 2” coupler, and a 1500 lb. swing away dual wheel tongue jack. Deluxe winch stand with big step and large handrail. Steel fenders. 13” D range tires each rated @ 1610 lb. carrying capacity. Bunks adjust for pontoons 8’ to 8’ 6” wide. 5 cross members tie the side frames together. Tie down points on the frame. Marine grade rubber backed carpeting over 2” x 6” wooden bunks. Bunks are supported on the main frame. 3200 lb. front loading winch with a 20’ strap to pull your boat onto the trailer.
All required DOT lighting and features for Canada and USA.
About our tandem and triple axle BRAKE trailers
Tandem axle BRAKE trailers are made to our specifications by BTM Trailers. BTM is a division of Benchmark Tool, a multimillion-dollar steel fabricator. The trailers BTM builds for us differ from their standard production models. Ours have a wide-body frame so as to support the bunks on the main frame. 13” radial tires, LED lights, 3200 lb. front loading winch and dual wheel tongue jack standard. Our trailers are powder coated in the state-of-the-art BTM powder coat booth. BTM preps the steel before coating and uses the Rock Guard textured powder coat system. We pay extra for Rock Guard but it's worth it.