Load Guides
Set of 4, angled back to prevent contacting most spray fins.
On our trailers you can move them to multiple cross channels.
For deep ramps move them to the second cross channel.
For shallow ramps put them in the back.
trailer swing tongue
Swing Tongues
Swing tongues have been popular on trailers for fishing boats. People sometimes want to save about 30” on the overall length of the trailer for storage. We don’t promote swing tongues because we believe they weaken the tongue of the trailer. Swing tongues are not available on Super Duty or other 5” frame models.
aluminum wheels
Aluminum Wheels
Aluminum wheels on our trailers contrast with the black finish and add a custom trailer look. We keep the price reasonable by offering a fair exchange price for our standard galvanized rims. Some companies charge extra for the aluminum rim but don’t give you a discount for the galvanized rim your not getting.

Dress Up Kits

Usually used on tandem axle models. Aluminum tread plate is applied over the fender, on the frame and winch stand
steps. Like the aluminum rims it gives the trailer a real custom look.
Bolt On Tie Down Straps
Can be fitted to any of our trailers. The strap retracts for easy storage and no tangling.
2” wide x 43” long fit all known pontoons. Pontoons should be strapped to the trailer when
traveling and this is an easy way to do it.
triple tube kits for pontoon trailers

Triple Tube Kit

A triple tube bunk support kit can be added to all of our tandem or 5" framed trailers. “Sport” tubes are often just a shorter tube bolted beneath the deck. It may not need to be supported, they often weigh only a few hundred pounds. But center tubes that have an engine in them or extend beyond the outside two tubes in the stern should be supported. Most center tube supports go all the way to the back of the boat. However there are some boats that have odd shaped transoms (Tracker) that won’t fit on full length bunks. We know how to fit them all.
pontoon trailer stern extension

Stern Extensions

Are a helpful option for some brands of boats where the center tube extends beyond the two outside tubes. The 28” stern extension helps support the center tube and engine that may extend as much as 4’ beyond the back of the pontoon.
plastic bunk wrap
Plastic Bunk Wrap
Helps you launch and retrieve in shallow water. Plastic offers less friction than carpet and boats slide more easily. Plastic bunk wrap replaces the carpet and lasts for years.
Galvanizing & Salt Water
galvanized pontoon trailer frame
Galvanizing & Salt Water
Because of the excellent finish on our Spreuer and the extraordinary finish on our BTM trailer we are not big proponents of galvanizing. Some small manufacturers that can’t afford a powder coat system promote galvanizing. One company buys “galvaneel” steel and welds it. They paint over the welds. These company's usually don’t bend their frame because bending breaks the coating. Scratch a galvaneel trailer and it will rust. Others including ourselves use the hot dipped galvanized process when you want a galvanized trailer. If you’re going to salt water, you must have hot dipped galvanizing and disc brakes. Some companies that promote galvanizing miss the fact that salt water will destroy the springs and parts in drum brakes in just a couple submersions. We can get any trailer we sell galvanized but it usually takes a few weeks. With hot dip galvanizing you’re at the mercy of the galvanizer. Steel dipped in a clean (new) galvanic solution will come out looking almost like chrome. Steel dipped in old galvanic solution may come out a dingy gray with pieces of slag clinking to the trailer. Trailer manufacturers have no control over what the galvanized finish looks like. Some companies grind off the scraps of slag and touch it up with gray paint, in an effort to improve the appearance. Once the galvanized surface is broken, your trailer will rust.