ABOUT PMI Pontoon Trailers
PMI Pontoon Trailers are sold by the finest marine industry professionals who truly care about their customers trailering experience. That may sound like sales talk but there is no other way to explain the trailers that some dealers sell to their new boat customers.

When you buy a trailer with a new boat it seems that the dealer would take extra care to select a high-quality trailer to fit your needs. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some dealers assume that you really won’t be trailering. Sometimes it’s ignorance of trailers or perhaps even negligence. If your new boat dealer specifies a PMI pontoon trailer, that’s all you need to know. You can be assured that you’re getting a quality trailer. We like to say that you don’t need to know a lot about trailers, because we do.

The name of the trailer is no guarantee of what you're receiving. Yacht Club and other manufacturers have a good, better, best series. A PB, P or a PTB series. Or an All Pro, All American or All-Star series. These are often good, better, best. You usually won’t know what you’ve got until you hook up to the trailer and the financing is done. Did you get the best one or just the good one? We only sell one line of pontoon trailers, the best.

The purpose of this website is to help the customers of marine dealers who sell our PMI brand of pontoon trailers. If the dealer didn’t explain every feature or benefit to you, you can find the answers here. Strong frames, great tires, disc brakes, great powder coat finishes, strong winches and tongue jacks, etc. Backed by a solid warranty.
Our warranty is ONE FULL YEAR tongue to tail lights. Trailer tires are warrantied by the tire distributor (Tredit Tire in Elkhart, IN). We only buy tires from Tredit because they have an excellent road hazard and warranty policy. We pay extra for the best 13” D range radials with 1610 lb. carrying capacity. We seldom have tire problems.

Everyone in the trailer business knows what can go wrong with trailers. Many companies appear to bet that you won’t use your trailer much. You’ll have problems in the second or third year after the warranty is expired. We take a different position.

We seldom have warranty issues because of the components we use. 1600 lb. front loading winches will fail when pulling a 3000 boat onto the trailer. We use 3200 lb front load winches. Drum brakes are old technology with springs and parts that corrode. The less you use your trailer the more trouble you’ll have with drum brakes. You won’t have brake problems for a couple of years on drum brakes and by then they will be out of warranty. We use modern disc brakes. Most tongue jacks have a 1500 lb. capacity. It's not the weight that breaks a single wheel tongue jack, it’s backing onto the trailer ball, that’s why we use dual wheel tongue jacks on tandem axle trailers. We use LED lights on all our trailers. LED lights have eliminated the problems with lighting. We make a big deal about the construction of our frame and the way the frame is braced. Our trailers won’t shimmy and shake your tow vehicle. Our powder coat finish is the best available and our Rock Guard textured Powder Coat on brake trailers is exceptional. It carries a two-year warranty. Most manufacturers don’t warranty their trailer finish. All powder coat finishes are not equal. Some manufacturers have cobbled together “homemade” powder coat systems with ovens that aren’t hot enough to melt the powder. Some don’t prep the steel before its coated. We recently dropped a vendor because their powder coat finish didn’t live up to our standards. We know what can go wrong with a trailer and we take every precaution to avoid problems.

3200 lb. winches cost more than 1600 winches. Dual wheel tongue jacks are more than single wheel jacks. D range radials are more per wheel than C range. LED lights are more than incandescent. We use the best to avoid warranty issues and avoid unhappy customers after the warranty has expired.