features of PMI single axle pontoon trailers
For 16'-18' Pontoon boats - PMI-114/13
14' Bunks. 22'6" Overall length. 3 cross braces, capacity 2200 lbs. Trailer Weighs 624 lbs.
Bunks adjust for 6' to 8'6" wide pontoon boats

For 18'-21' Pontoon boats -
16' Bunks, 24'6" Overall length. 4 cross braces, capacity 2600 lbs. Trailer weighs 625 lbs.

For 21'-22' Pontoon boats -
PMI 122/13
18' Bunks, 26'6" Overall length. 5 cross braces, capacity 2600 lbs. Trailer weighs 675 lbs.
The 122 may fit older 23'-24' boats with smaller engines. Check overall boat and trailer lengths.
Standard Features of Single Axle Models
pontoon trailer bunk supports
Bunks are supported on the main frame.
5" brackets allow you to tow lower and launch in shallower water.
Some manufacturers are still building single axle trailer like they did when pontoons weighed 1200 lbs. Modern 18’-22’ pontoons with 4 stroke outboards can weight 2000 to 2500 lbs. 3” frame trailers or trailers without bracing will shake and vibrate as you travel, ours won’t. We lowered the bunk brackets 4” to allow you to launch in shallower water and tow lower.
single axle trailer features
Some of our standard features are steel fenders that offer real protection for your boat on the trailer. LED lights eliminate light and wiring problems, they won’t “pop” when submerged in water. We use the best 13” D range radial tires on galvanized rims. Galvanized rims won’t rust around the lug holes. A 3200 lb. winch won’t fail when loading a 2500 lb. boat. The anti-bucking loop holds your boat to the trailer and pulls the front down. Included is a single wheel tongue jack.

4” box tube steel, 12-gauge side frames and cross members, reinforced front. Baked on Rock/Rust guard coat finish, a 2” coupler and a 1500 lb. swing away tongue jack, a deluxe winch stand with big step and large handrail is also standard. Steel fenders protect the standard 13” D range tires each rated @ 1610 lb. carrying capacity. Bunks adjust for pontoons 6’ to 8’ 6” wide. 4 cross members tie the side frames together. Tie down points on the frame with marine grade rubber backed carpeting over 2” x 4” wooden bunks are supported on the main frame. A 3200 lb. front loading winch with a 20’ strap is included to pull your boat onto the trailer. All required DOT equipment: lighting, safety chains, etc. for the USA and Canada is included.
Popular Options

popular single axle pontoon trailer options

Optional plastic bunk wrap replaces carpet. and when wet it’s “slippery” helping boats launch and retrieve more easily in shallow water. An optional spare tire on a single axle trailer is always a good idea. We include a U bolt mounting bracket. Optional load guides are always a good idea. Sooner or later you’ll retrieve your boat on a windy day and you’ll wish you had them. Sold as a set of 4 they can be moved up the frame to assist in all depths of water. If you have deep ramps, move them to the second or third cross brace. In shallow water mount them back.

About our single axle trailers

Single axle trailers are made to our specifications by Spreuer & Son’s, LaGrange, Indiana. Phil Spreuer developed the original pontoon trailer in 1957. His company has been building pontoon trailers since. We’ve had a relationship with Spreuer for over 30 years. The trailers Spreuer builds for us differ from their standard production models. Ours have a wide-body frame so as to support the bunks on the main frame. Our trailers are Rust guard coated at a new state of the art multi-million dollar Lippert Components facility just minutes from LaGrange. Trailer frames and parts are cleaned before the Rust gaurd coat application. In years past Spreuer painted trailers or used an E-Coated process. Lippert powder coat seals the frame against rust and has a strong scratch and rust resistant finish. Now, ours is the best finish trailers have ever had.